“Searching for Sustainability in Future Working Life”

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Searching for Sustainability

in Future Working Life

Jyväskylä, Finland

June 14th to 16th, 2017


The organizers would like to welcome contributions for the European Business Ethics Network EBEN Annual Conference 2017 “Searching for Sustainability in Future Working Life.”

Much of the discussion around sustainability has focused only on the environmental aspect. In this conference we aim to extend the discussion to include other aspects of sustainability, especially in the context of future working life, its organizing, managing and leadership. Working life is facing significant social, technological, cultural, economic and environmental changes. We want to explore the meaning of these changes and their challenges to private and other organizations, their management and leadership.

Call for Papers

We invite contributions from academics, policymakers and practitioners. We are interested in contributions on topics which are on the rise in changing working life. The range of possible topics includes, but is not limited to, the following themes from the perspective of working life:

  • Workforce diversity, intersectionality, inclusion and equality
  • 24/7 demands, work-life/family integration, work wellbeing and quality of life
  • Development of human and social capital
  • Organizational change, renewal and culture
  • Labor and human rights concerns
  • Responsibility/ethics in leadership and HRM
  • Good governance
  • Human and social aspects of accounting
  • Social/organizational innovation and social enterprise
  • Ethical challenges of digitalization/social media
  • Stakeholder engagement and value creation
  • (E-)learning/teaching and business ethics
  • Climate change and other environmental challenges


The language of the conference is English.

Special track proposals, due to December 30st, 2016.

Special track proposals should be about 1,000 words long and should be submitted in a doc-format to pasi.sajasalo@jyu.fi and tommi.p.auvinen@jyu.fi.

Abstracts or full papers for presentations, due on March 8th, 2017 Internet abstract and paper submission system is soon open. Please, follow the conference website.

Decisions on acceptance will be sent at latest by April 1st, 2017.

Pre-conference Doctoral Seminar

PhD candidates are invited to attend a one-day pre-conference doctoral seminar on Tuesday June 13, 2017. The aim of the workshop is to provide guidance and support for advancing the student’s doctoral dissertation and the presentation of her/his ideas. The workshop will consist of a joint programme for all the participants and individual mentoring discussions.

Conference Organisation

The conference is organized by

  • The WeAll Research Consortium ‘Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Working Life: Policies, Equalities and Intersectionalities in Finland’ (funded by the programme Equality in Society, Strategic Funding of the Academy of Finland, n:o 292883),
  • The University of Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics,
  • The University of Tampere School of Management, and
  • The Finnish Chapter of the European Business Ethics Network EBEN
Anna-Maija Lämsä Johanna Kujala
Conference chair Conference chair

For further information and electronic abstract system, please visit: Website: https://www.jyu.fi/jsbe/ebenac2017